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The intriguing Tarot cards often cause fascination, fear, but rarely indifference. I myself have always avoided all forms of predictions of the future because, even being hyper Cartesian at the time, I was always a little afraid of it. I discovered the tarot on the way to my own psychoanalysis, and discovered a fascinating tool…

A tool for deep self-analysis

According to Jodorowsky, world maestro of the Tarot, this mysterious deck of cards is the mirror of our soul and reveals truths to us about our present. Any attempt to predict the future is a scam! His book The Way of the Tarot is of masterful beauty in my opinion. He makes us discover the 78 cards with poetry and above all a lot of love for human nature.

My selection of quotes from A. Jodorowsky

Beauty is the twinkle of truth

To truly understand this quote, it is necessary to believe that anything other than Love is unreal. Man is only Love, in the image of the Universe (or God). Everything else may seem real but “you yourself know” deep down that Love will always triumph. Light erases darkness, and darkness can never defeat light. I also advise you to read the book A Course in Miracle to fully understand this concept.

El futuro es una estafa

The future is a scam, says Alejandro in the video. This use of maps reflecting our current state pleases me very much. That said, I like to watch my taroscope on Youtube every month, and yes, it’s hard to resist!

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