What we mean by beauty is generally linked to what we see, the beauty of human beings, animals, colors, landscapes… Yes, it is one of the most commonly understood beauties.

But this type of beauty is only a tiny part of what it encompasses, because it is limited to vision. The majority of humans, in this material world, are endowed with 5 senses, and each sense has its own beauty. For those who have one of these failing senses, the magic of life will amplify the other senses and thus generate as many feelings of plenitude.

For me, beauty is the feeling of fullness and love that can be felt in different scenarios:

1. Musical beauty

It all starts in the mother’s womb. Doesn’t the mother’s voice give the baby a feeling of security, sweetness and comfort? This sound is the most beautiful sound for a baby because the reaction to it is like a sweet melodious caress. This feeling can be found when we hear the soul of a person in his song, the song of a bird in the morning or the soft music of raindrops. These melodies manage to touch the deepest part of our heart and thus cause inner peace in the present moment.

Take the example of the Ghazal songs that are found a lot in India and Pakistan, which are poetic expressions of the pain due to the loss or separation of a loved one and the beauty of love despite this pain . I share with you my favorite Gulam Ali ghazal, performed here by an extraordinary boy:

Yeh dil Yeh Pagal Dil Mera (This heart, this crazy heart of mine)

2. The beauty of touch

Still in relation to our beginnings in life, touch can cause an extreme feeling of fullness. The lover who caresses you with love, the child you caress on the cheek, the hairdresser who gives you a head massage… These are just as many moments of magical beauty that life offers you and which is accessible to everyone.

3. The beauty of taste

I recently tested the restaurant Dans le Noir in Paris, this restaurant where you are completely immersed in darkness and in which you cannot discover gourmet cuisine only by taste. I was surprised by the taste sensation which is multiplied by 10! When you eat in the dark, you are much more aware of your surroundings and the food you chew becomes an explosion of flavors!

Here is a video of Adriana Karembeu and Michel Cymes that I love testing this restaurant, that’s exactly it:

4. The beauty of smell

How many times has a smell reminded you of your childhood and recreated a feeling of fullness? It happens to me from time to time. The other day, I walk into a client’s office and I smell this familiar smell that comes from afar… I found myself immersed in a feeling of well-being, without however ever recognizing this smell. Sometimes, if I see a flower on the way, especially Lilac, I stop to breathe in the sublime fragrance.

5. Visual beauty

I speak of it last because it is the most present. It can be so subjective. It all depends on a person’s family, societal, historical context and the perception of reality that they have built up over the years. An artist will find sublime tire tracks on an airplane runway (proven fact 😀) while a little girl will find her magically beautiful doll! And both are right!

To conclude, pure beauty is often present in the simplest and most natural things. Observing, looking for beauty at every moment in our life can only lead us to happiness, because beauty is the expression of Love (and yes, admit it!). I will add, following the reading of the book The voice of Feng-Shui by Marie-Pierre Dillenseger that I adore, that it is the accumulation of all these little moments of beauty that build a state of robust well-being, prepared for any storm.

What do you think, what are your own moments of beauty?

Thanks to Annie Spratt for the photo on Unsplash