Cécile B.

Cécile B.

Artist, truth seeker and interpreter of the symbolic language of dreams and the stars

What are the messagesof your dreams?

I can help you interpret your dreams using astrology.

“Beauty is the shimmer of the true” –A. Jodorowsky

Latest blog posts

  • My Beautiful Chaos


13 September 2020|Comments Off on Acceptance

Learning to love yourself with your flaws, finding your chaos beautiful, here's what happened to me in 2020

  • Painting named gratitude by Cecile Babs

🙏 Gratitude 🙏

25 April 2020|Comments Off on 🙏 Gratitude 🙏

How do you turn up your vibrations in these uncertain times? Try Gratitude every day. This painting, which I made during the lock down, is a reflection of what I want to share with the world and my way of keeping fishing, morale, joy and health!

Creative notebook

Your creativity is divine, use it to spread beauty and harmony in this world.

This notebook was created from an original painting by Cécile B. ” Beautiful Chaos or the art of self-acceptance.

Numerological diary 2022

Act at the right time with numerology. Weekly planner in French, 2 pages per week, calculation of years, months and personal days, ideal planner for appointments and notes

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