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Cécile B.

Cécile B.

Creator of Cherche la Beauté

Who is Cécile B.?

Cherche la Beauté is a concept created by Cécile B., French Consultant in Design and Innovation living in London.

In 2010, begins a difficult period in her life, and she begins to delve deeply into her inner world and discovers a whole new beautiful and magical world of healing and love…

One day, in the middle of a guided meditation, she hears the phrase “Cherche la Beauté” meaning “Search for the Beauty” and decides to submit to this order coming from within by changing her perception of life to look only at Beauty.

In 2020, she embarks on the design of inspired diaries and notebooks which was a childhood dream and now adds all her knowledge in personal development, spirituality, user experience and more in the design of her products.

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