Learn the hieroglyphs

Do you want to learn hieroglyphs with me? Before starting, I just want to clarify that I am not an Egyptologist and that I have no claim to be, I just share with you my learning within this very rich universe and my very complex faith. My main source being the courses of Dibombari Mbock and his Kuma analytical method.

What is a hieroglyph?

It is a drawing that represents an idea or a concept. This is called an ideogram.

For example, bread . It is obviously the shape of a loaf, which is pronounced t , but the concept behind this loaf is the feminine . And yes, in nature and in all traditions, it is the woman who feeds, she gives milk to her babies but also takes care of the food for her home.

Now, whenever you see a hieroglyph with a bread, you will immediately know that there is probably a “t” in the word and it is something feminine.

You see, these are clever designs for those with eye, ear and mind. They make it possible to transmit messages that go beyond the vowel or the consonant that they can represent.

Rosetta stone

Who translated the hieroglyphs?

As a reminder, it was Jean-François Champollion who began to decipher hieroglyphs thanks to the discovery in 1799 of the Rosetta Stone, which is now in the British Museum in London, a stele on which was engraved a text in Egyptian hieroglyphs, in Greek and in Demotic Egyptian.


Lesson No. 1: Learn uniliteral hieroglyphs

Quiz Lesson No. 1

Do you want more ?

While waiting for me to create all the lessons, I suggest you watch the videos of Dibombari Mbock on his Youtube channel Conversely or even consult the Rosette Dictionary .