Lesson No. 2

Learn biliteral hieroglyphs

To continue your discovery, you must now learn biliteral hieroglyphs. As a reminder, the hieroglyphs are composed of three groups as follows:

  • uniliterals (one syllable – consonant or vowel)
  • biliterals (two syllables – consonants or vowels)
  • triliterals (three syllables – consonants or vowels)

This series of biliteral hieroglyphs is the densest with 104 hieroglyphs

Hieroglyph Y5

What’s that?
It’s a checkerboard or chess type game.

How it is pronounced ?

How to remember it?
This chess game is associated with the Deity Amun, so remember the consonants of a M o N .

To go further, you can consult the Rosette online dictionary.