Interpreting dreams with Conny Fabozzi, Braith Coven, and Pierre-Emmanuel LC, round table moderated by Cécile B.

Do you think that dreaming of a chase, a snake or even a monster has nothing to do with what is happening in your current life?

During this round table, our guests, aficionados of the interpretation of dreams, will try to explain to us how to use this tool which is accessible to all to help us overcome our blockages which prevent us from realizing our earthly dreams.

Different methods for interpreting dreams

Among the topics covered, you will have an overview of the different dream reading grids, the analysis of symbols and also why we sometimes dream of very taboo things. We will also discuss the symbolism of the elements of the dream as well as some psychoanalytical notions.

We often make the mistake of ignoring our dreams thinking they are futile, too weird or meaningless. Well think again and experience it, you will be pleasantly surprised at the messages that your unconscious can send you.

blue snake

The snake is a very present animal in dreams

To go further, I invite you to read my article on the subject to better understand.

You also have several options at your disposal:

And if you want someone to help you dissect and analyze your dreams, I highly recommend our Sherlock Holmes of dreams, Conny Fabozzi. You can contact her on her La Voie du Songe website.

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