What are archetypes?

With CG Jung, archetypes are universal structures from the collective unconscious that appear in myths, tales and all the imaginary productions of the healthy, neurotic or psychotic subject. I would add that we are all neurotic on different levels.

So what ?

It would seem that, in fact, each of us is living one of the archetypes present in these mythologies, tales, legends and religions. These complicated stories of Gods, Goddesses, Prophets or other creatures who suffer and make choices that lead them to endless tumult and setbacks, but also who live moments of magic, joy and beauty. Which one – among all these archetypes – are you experiencing? How to recognize it?

For this, I found two sources of information that talk about the depth of archetypes (for the moment):

Suzanne Renardat , a specialist in the interpretation of dreams and the great mysteries of Hebrew calligraphy, tells us that dreams can put us on the path. Through a dream we can detect the archetype that we are experiencing. In this video, Suzanne explains how a young man is living the Jonas archetype.

Swami Mahashakti (Christine Roy), teacher of the Science of the Brahma Vidya Guru and the Book of Life (Book of Thoth from ancient Egypt), explains why it is important to know your archetype, but also how to find your “happy ending “.

In conclusion, I would say that we must remain attentive to our sufferings and our models of functioning and to search among our tales, legends and myths in which archetype do we find ourselves? Share in the comments if you have already found yours and how did you do it?

Thank you and let’s look for beauty everywhere!