Do you believe that you are capable of sending yourself messages in the form of metaphors to yourself? Do you know there’s a lot of things about you that you know but don’t want to see? Do you believe everything I tell you?

You have the right to doubt and, if you start to observe your dreams, to dissect them and to be honest with yourself, you will quickly realize that there is an incredible beauty behind all this, to make you shiver.

Messages from your unconscious

My aunt Djamila once told me about a gentleman called Tristan Moir whom she has been following for years on the radio, late at night. I go to his site and there I discover radio recordings… Listening to an excerpt, I immediately fell in love with the interpretation of dreams, so revealing was the 20-minute sequence for the listener and for myself (I also did his one-year EVER training on Paris which I highly recommend).

I had already taken a close interest in it at a very young age and had read The Interpretation of Dreams by Freud. I already knew that if in your dream you see your husband and your boss…, and you’re hiding in a closet looking out the keyhole, it could be that in the real life these two treat you the same way, i.e. they leave you in the shadows and have fun without you (well, this is a bit re-interpreted in my way but you see what I want to say).

Why disguised messages?

The messages of the subtle world are very often sent to us in the form of metaphors, of images because it is quite simply a universal language. In dreams we struggle against these messages as these often go against our beliefs due to our upbringing/society etc. and often prevents us from seeing reality. Besides, the metaphor for our false beliefs is often the police! Tristan Moir explains this very well in his Dictionary of dreams on the symbol of the Gendarme .

From what I have understood so far, the symbolism sent by your subconscious must be humorous, exaggerated or violent so that:

  1. You remember the dream when you wake up
  2. You understand that this is your way of dealing with the current situation (you exaggerate the importance of it sometimes)
  3. If it is a nightmare, be relieved that it is unreal, and that the fears you have in your dream are also unreal, non-existent because they are false beliefs.

Dreams and their universal patterns

And yes, dreams allow us to understand many things about ourselves. Therapists using dream interpretation as a tool for healing have interpreted thousands of dreams and find “patterns” that recur in humans throughout their lives.

For example, Marie-Louise von Franz, a pupil and collaborator of Carl Gustav Jung who interpreted more than 65,000 dreams, tells us that at the end of a life, we stop dreaming for a while, and when the hour death approaches, she begins to dream again. People working in hospitals with end-of-life patients know well that when the Hour approaches, people see loved ones in their dreams.

I want to share with you an example of a nightmare resolution recommended by Tristan that happens to many of us and can be resolved easily. I tested it on myself and on several people: if in a dream you are being chased and you feel fear, instead of running away, try next time to turn around and ask the pursuers what they want. You will be surprised by the sequence of events. These pursuers are often parts of you that you buried/rejected in your childhood and just want you to accept them.

What do you think ?

Thanks to Bruce Christianson for the main photo on Unsplash

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