Numerological Agenda 2022

Act at the right time with numerology. This numerological diary is a weekly planner in French, 2 pages per week, calculation of years, months and personal days, ideal planner for appointments and notes

Numerological diary 2022

After the year 2021 of changes, the year 2022 asks us to make choices!

Let yourself be guided by the magic of numbers with this numerological diary which will guide you day after day to act at the right time. An innovative diary created with love by Cécile B. and Djamila Babour , passionate about numerology since 1987.

Numerology, why?

✨ To lead our life journey as well as possible

✨ To identify the right moments to act

✨ To understand and accept our mistakes

✨ To get around obstacles

In no case does numerology predict. It helps us to better understand ourselves and invites us to act at the right time.

This numerology diary is an effective tool for applying numerology concepts every day.

Numerological Agenda 2022 - Universal Year 6
Numerological diary 2022 - Month on 2 pages
Numerological Agenda 2022 - Personal year calculation
Numerological Agenda 2022 - Week on 2 pages
Numerological Agenda 2022 - Contents

✨ Content of the numerological diary ✨

A small introductory booklet to numerology


In the first part, this numerological diary contains an introduction with:

  • Introduction to numerology and the calculations of your key numbers: years, months and personal days
  • Exercises : retrace your past years and plan your year



The second part of this numerological diary is the weekly planner comprising:

  • Weekly from January to December 2022
  • Month on 2 pages with space to write down your desires for the month
  • Week on 2 pages with space to write down your desires for the week
  • Saturday and Sunday as big as the other days of the week
  • Guidance on the collective energies of each month
  • French public holidays
  • Moon phases : new and full moons
  • Timetable
  • Annual schedule
  • Map of regions and departments of France



And finally, the last part of this numerological diary contains the following bonuses:

  • Pages to take stock of your new resolutions
  • Pages to write the beautiful synchronicities of this year
  • Budget planner pages with guidance to attract abundance
  • Free pages notes, sketches and doodles
  • password pages

This unique weekly planner is one of the most original 2022 planners

Therefore, it is an ideal original gift for women and men interested in the subjects of esotericism and spirituality in general, the Kabbalah, karmic, creative and humanistic numerology, the symbolism of numbers, the tarot or even the divinatory arts.
It is an organizer that can serve as your bullet journal or notebook and plan your life in a practical and strategic way.
In future publications Cherche la Beauté, you will be able to go further and calculate your life path, your achievements, your intimate number, the meaning of the number 11, 22, 33, sub-numbers and many more from your surname, first name and date of birth.


  • US size 15.24 cm x 22.86 cm (6×9 inches) – similar to French A5 size
  • Soft or hard glossy cover


  • Softcover (paperback) €17
  • Hardcover (hardcover) €23

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