Photo Audoin Desforges for Liberation

The one who has the balls (sorry, it comes out of the guts) to express who he or she is truly , allows others to feel what is the secret of this universe which seems to me to be the perfect balance between opposites: shadow and light, masculine and feminine, love and fear… Which is.

Today, it is the Chilla star that dazzles and overwhelms me with:

– The fusion that she makes of the masculine and the feminine

I hear a sublime blend of the feminine with her soft, deep and haunting voice, and the masculine with her rapped, square, clear and very intense flood of lyrics. According to Christophe Allain , the true nature of women is to be gentle on the outside and strong on the inside, while men are the opposite. I totally identify with this concept and it seems to me that Chilla is the very expression of it.

– The omnipresence of shadow and light in his art

She embraces vulgarity and tells it like it is, sometimes with a hint of humor, despite the seriousness of the form:
“If I were a man I would piss against the walls” – If I were a man
“Even with a sweater you’re a slut” – Dirty female dog
and conveys a message of wisdom in his own words:
“I would like to learn what we don’t learn at school”, “I was not taught to manage the dramas of life so I went into a spin” – 1st day of school
“Despite the mist, there is always this light that guides me” – Exile
“Blinded, I forgot the one who takes care of his mother” – If I were a man

Chilla live, it’s overwhelming

Me when I listen to it, I feel the sacred feminine.

Tarot reading for Chilla

6 of Swords by SpellCaster's tarot by Melanie Marquis
6 of swords
Spellcaster’s Tarot by Melanie Marquis

After shuffling the cards while listening to his songs, as luck would have it, I draw the 6 d’épée. The 6 is the symbol of beauty and the feminine! The sword is that of intelligence and what cuts.

What I see on this card is a woman on a journey “following the current of this river”, “discovering the world”, and navigating between the mountains. She has “swum out of the ship” but she is protected by her guardian angel, her sacred masculine perhaps, who guides her.

She now offers her most precious gift to the World. She uses her internal compass, lets herself be guided, and uses the sharp swords around her that once hurt her, as her finest weapons.

She wears a veil over her head because she remains humble and deep, she is aware that her talent is divine and that she is only a messenger.